Pool Care Guide

It's time to start relaxing.

In order to enhance your pool experience, Durachlor by Haviland has developed simple to use products that will make relaxation easier to achieve. Our products are compatible with all types of pools, such as vinyl, fiberglass. As with any chemical, please read the complete application instructions on the container before using. If you have any questions, contact your local authorized Durachlor by Haviland Dealer, or call us at 800.333.0400.

Calculate the size of your spa

Knowing the size of your spa is important. So if you are not sure how many gallons of water are in your spa, use the appropriate calculator below to get an approximate idea.

Square/Rectangle Spa

Round Spa

Oval Spa

Step 1. Balance makes CONTROL

Water balance is important for many reasons. Balanced water will allow your sanitizers to work more efficiently to eliminate bacteria and germs. Balanced water will protect equipment and will contribute to brilliant looking water. When water is in balance it is more comfortable for swimmers, unpleasant odors are virtually eliminated, and sore eyes and itchy skin are less likely to occur.

Step 7, shown below, highlights the ideal balance parameters to maintain in the water so the pool will look great short and long term. Select the section Balancers, shown on the top of the page, to find all the products that help in maintaining water balance.

Step 2. Sanitize to keep water CLEAN

Properly sanitized water looks good, feels great, and has no odors. However, if not properly sanitized, bacteria, algae, and organic wastes can build up in pool water. If this happens, pool water can turn cloudy and uncomfortable, an unpleasant odor can even occur.

Step 3. Shock will keep water CLEAR

While the pool is open, pool water collects a various number of contaminants. Some of these contaminants can include: pollen, dirt, body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotion, and other swimmer and organic wastes. Build-up of these contaminants can make your water cloudy and cause unpleasant odors. These contaminants can interfere with the sanitizer resulting in slowing water disinfection and algae growth.

Step 4. Keep algae away WEEKLY

Algae is among the top concerns for any pool owner or operator. These microscopic plants come into your pool from rain, wind, and animals. What starts as a virtually invisible invader can turn your pool into a slimy green mess overnight. This mess does not necessarily have to be green, algae comes in many colors such as black, pink, brown, or yellow.

Step 5. Enhance to make water care EASY

When added into the pool, Haviland Activator Plus will help maintain water balance, so you will spend less time testing and adding product into the pool. Activator Plus will reduce the time you will spend performing maintenance on your filter. Not only will caring for the pool be easier, but the look and feel of the water will be second to none. Activator Plus is a product that solves problems before they start with an easy initial treatment. In many pools it may be added only once at the beginning of the season with no additional treatments needed.

Step 6. Maintenance makes it all work BETTER

Water needs to circulate 12 hours or more in order for the pool to be clear and free from contaminants. When water is moving it is harder for bacteria, algae, and other contaminants to cause issues in your pool. Circulation allows your filter to trap visible and invisible materials that have entered the pools water. Eventually the collected matter will need to be removed and cleaned from the filter. Though the manufacture will have their own recommendations on filter maintenance, all will agree that a maintenance cleaner, such as Haviland Liquid Filter Cleaner should be used periodically.

Step 7. Ranges needed to make water the BEST

7.2 - 7.6

Total Alkalinity
80-120 ppm

Calcium Hardness
200-400 ppm

3.0-5.0 ppm

Free Chlorine
1.0-3.0 ppm

0 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids
Less than 2,000 ppm

Less than 1,000 ppm