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Get rid of your metal and staining issues fast  

Metal Wizard

Metals and scale?  Here is your solution.

Rust-N-Scale Preventer

Dry formula to prevent staining on surfaces before it begins

Concentrated Clarifier

Double strength for beautiful water

Filter Cleaner

Hosing off your filter?  Backwashing?  That's just not good enough


Phosphates an issue in pool water?


Stop that foam and quickly

Cover Cleaner

Doesn't just clean your cover, but protects them too

Stain Eliminator

Naturally removes stains from pool surfaces 

Spot Stain Remover Gel

A little thicker than other cleaners but still tough on stains

Super Fall Out

Our most powerful cloud busting formula for pool water

Blast It

If you have a vinyl liner and nutgrass (nutsedge) you need this product

Blue 2000
Micro Clean